A tool for auditing and repairing broken chains
in a CA-IDMS database.

Product Brief

DBREPAIR Release 2.0 PTF's (10.X compatible)

Pricing Information


DBREPAIR is a tool designed to audit CA-IDMS databases (10.X or 12.X). Using all available pointers, DBREPAIR identifies ALL pointer errors. If a database integrity problem is identified DBREPAIR will recommend a fix. Keep in mind these are only recommended fixes. In some cases, DBREPAIR will recommend to orphan a record if a suitable owner cannot be determined. All integrity problems will be resolved using the DBREPAIR recommendations.

DBREPAIR is designed to resolve integrity problems as quick as possible. Conventional tools may take days to identify and repair a corrupted database. Depending on the workload, DBREPAIR can resolve integrity problems 40 times faster than conventional tools. When the database is down, the business is down. Every minute counts. Tools that require days to resolve the problem are of little help.

DBREPAIR uses the power of MVS/XA or ESA to minimize downtime. All pointers (DBKEYS) are loaded in memory and I/O is minimized. DBREPAIR walks each set using next and prior pointers. DBREPAIR can be executed in local or CV mode. Keep in mind, that if the database is on-line, it is possible to receive a false echo (ie a set appears to be broken due to concurrent updating by an on-line application). It is recommended, if possible, to have the areas off-line during the audit and repair steps.

A broken chain can go undetected for months. Many people today use DBAN to identify broken databases. The problem is DBAN does not always recognize if a database is corrupt. If DBAN reports a database as broken, then the database is indeed corrupt. If DBAN does not report a problem - THE DATABASE MAY STILL BE BROKEN! Try a little test (IN A TEST DATABASE). Break a prior pointer in one record. DBAN will not recognize the problem. If DBAN does identify a broken database, it can not "fix" the problem.

In addition to repairing sets, DBREPAIR can verify the sequence of existing sorted sets, and can re-sort any user set in-place without the need for a lengthy unload/reload. The feature is limited to chain sets (no indexes) and sets in ascending sequence.

DBREPAIR can also validate and repair variable record fragments and CALC sets.

"DBREPAIR is the BEST insurance policy your company can buy."


HSL offers a site license for DBREPAIR. A site license is $16,000 (US). A site is defined as a building where the software is installed. Obviously, people may use the software at any number of remote sites. After executing a license, DBREPAIR may be run on one or more computers at the eligible site. There are no additional costs if the computer is upgraded.

We do not permit the software to be transferred, re-assigned, or moved. In the event of a disaster, or disaster/recovery testing, the software may be temporarily transferred to a backup site at no additional cost.

We do not license service bureaus. However customers may use the software at a service bureau.

There is an annual required maintenance/renewal fee. This fee is due on an annual basis beginning 12 months from the execution of a license. The fee is 15% of the then current license fee. The current annual maintenance/renewal fee is $2,400 (US). Increases in the annual maintenance/renewal fee are capped at a maximum of 10% per year.

You may terminate a license at any time with 30 days prior written notice. We do not refund any license or maintenance/renewal fees.

There are no free trials with DBREPAIR. We suggest you carefully read all product information, and call references prior to executing a license. NOTE - We used to offer free trials on DBREPAIR. During this time we received many "emergency" free trials. After the crisis was over sometimes the customer would buy a license, sometimes they would "budget it for next year".

We learned a lesson - the hard way!


We have been selling CA-IDMS software for over 10 years. We think our prices are fair, and are not ashamed of publishing them on the web.

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